Michael Curry

Abandoned Moments
Nature Noise
  • Nature Noise
  • Code & Design
  • Spiral Flower. Custom Software, Hand Cut Layered Paper, Canson Board.

  • Enigma
  • Code & Design
  • Custom Software, Design, Editing, Color Grade, Projection Mapping.

  • The Mysteries of The Other.

  • Created with Ed Kashi
Poem Quest Poem Quest
  • Poem Quest
  • Code & Game Design
  • Interactive GPS controlled game.

  • Take a walk through Newark’s Riverfront Park searching for poems that tell the stories of the people who visit.

  • Created with Richard Hall for Newest Americans.
Look Into My Eyes Image
  • Look Into My Eyes
  • Code & Design
  • "Looking into the eyes of Israeli teenages is a window into the present and a glimpse into the future..."

  • Created with Ed Kashi
Arrivals Booth Image
  • Arrivals Booth
  • Code & Design
  • Interative photo booth first shown at Photoville 2017 and used by over 500 participants. Users take a photo and record the story of how their family arrived in the United States. They leave with a print to remember the expierence.

  • Created with Newest Americans.
  • When We Meet Again
  • Color Grade
  • An immersive journey for one family that begins on opposite sides of the border and delves into the emotional power of reunification.

  • Produced by Talking Eyes Media
  • Im/Perfection
  • Color Grade
  • With the advent of three-dimensional renderings, Hida, 72, is one of only a handful of designers in Hawaii who still creates architectural renderings at a drafting table using color pencils, erasers, and rulers.

  • Produced by Andrew Hida
  • Fighting Chance
  • Color Grade
  • Former Marine Mike Steadman and his partner Gary Bloore use boxing to push young men beyond their circumstances.

  • Produced by Talking Eyes Media
  • Reverse Migration
  • Color Grade
  • The story of how hard-earned knowledge acquired in New Jersey is being applied back home in Guatemala, and how the fruits of that knowledge may offer a socio-economic alternative to emigration and dramatically alter the lives of women in Cajolá.

  • Produced by Talking Eyes Media
  • Hijabi World
  • Color Grade
  • A group of young Muslim women speak out about the day-to-day challenges of observing hijab in America.

  • Produced by Talking Eyes Media

I create images, objects, and design using software and code.
They can be phyical, digital, or a combination of both.
But they always start from the heart.

currymike@gmail.com | 973-930-5080


The College of New Jersey. BFA Digital Art.
ITP Summer Camp 2019.
EDX. CS50, Front End Developer Program.
Manhattan Edit Workshop. Color Correction, Management, & Theory.

Work Experience

Ed Kashi Photo Studio. Developer, Retoucher, Printer, & Designer. 2005-2013 | 2016-present
Talking Eyes Media. Developer, Colorist, & Designer. 2005-2013 | 2016-present
Newestest Americans. Developer & Exhibition Designer. 2016-present
Box Studios. Laboratory Artist. 2013-2015
Anatasia Gallery. Printer & Retoucher. 2010-2013
Andrea Rosen Gallery. Archivist & Art Handler. 2005-2006
Exhibition Printer. George Steinmetz, Marcus Bleasdale, Nick Zinner, Shiho Fukada, Jonathan Alpeyrie, GMB Akash, Ben Lowy.


Coding Languages & Libraries: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Processing (JAVA), P5.JS (Javascript)
Software: Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, InDesign, Mad Mapper