Michael Curry

Look Into My Eyes Image
  • Look Into My Eyes
  • Code & Design
  • Look into the eyes of Israeli teenagers. An interactive web piece created with Ed Kashi.

Arrivals Booth Image
  • Arrivals Booth
  • Code & Design
  • An interative Photo Booth created for Newest Americans. First shown at Photoville 2017 and used by over 500 participants.

  • When We Meet Again
  • Color Grade
  • An immersive journey for one family that begins on opposite sides of the border and delves into the emotional power of reunification.

  • Im/Perfection
  • Color Grade
  • With the advent of three-dimensional renderings, Hida, 72, is one of only a handful of designers in Hawaii who still creates architectural renderings at a drafting table using color pencils, erasers, and rulers.

  • Fighting Chance
  • Color Grade
  • Former Marine Mike Steadman and his partner Gary Bloore use boxing to push young men beyond their circumstances.

  • Reverse Migration
  • Color Grade
  • The story of how hard-earned knowledge acquired in New Jersey is being applied back home in Guatemala, and how the fruits of that knowledge may offer a socio-economic alternative to emigration and dramatically alter the lives of women in Cajolá.

  • Hijabi World
  • Color Grade
  • A group of young Muslim women speak out about the day-to-day challenges of observing hijab in America.

  • River Keeper
  • Color Grade
  • Navigate the legacy of the industrial revolution along the Passaic River.

  • Human Rights Watch: Struggling For A Humane World
  • Retouching
  • 94 images by Ed Kashi. Published by Steidl Verlag, 2016.

  • Three
  • Retouching
  • 87 images by Ed Kashi. Published by Powerhouse Books, 2009.

  • Curse of the Black Gold
  • Retouching
  • 102 images by Ed Kashi. Published by Powerhouse Books, 2010.

  • PhotoJournalisms
  • Retouching
  • 88 images by Ed Kashi. Published by Nazraeli Press, 2012.

After receiving my BFA in Digital Arts from The College of New Jersey in 2005, I began my career as a retoucher and printer in the studio of photographer Ed Kashi. Ed and I continue to collaborate to this day producing six books (include book titles), over ten photographic exhibits, and multiple online works. Along with my work with Ed Kashi, I have retouched and printed exhibits by photographers George Steinmetz, Marcus Bleasdale, Nick Zinner, & Jonathan Alpeyrie.

In 2013 I joined Box Services as a Laboratory Artist and for the next two years produced images and prints for exhibition by the photographic world’s leading artists. As the photographic print shifted from an analog process to a strictly digital endeavor the Box Laboratory salvaged and repurposed photographic technology from the last 100 years, harnessing the precision of digital manipulation and combined it with the unsampled beauty of light base printing.

Since leaving Box Services I have expanded my work into new mediums. Using the color skills I honed creating still images my work began to incorporate film. I have color graded films for Talking Eyes Media, Newest Americans, Irvine Foundation, Andrew Hida, & VISA.

Simultaneously I began to experiment with code based image manipulation. Using the coding language Processing and P5.JS I created the Newest Americans Arrivals Booth which was exhibited at Photoville 2017 and had over 500 visitors who recorded their stories. Each participant left with an unique print to remember their experience.

I am available on a freelance basis for retouching, printing, color grading, and programming.

currymike@gmail.com | 973-930-5080